All kuka-me pieces are made in England either by Reema Pachachi herself, or by craftsmen and women who she has worked with for decades. The castings are based on master patterns hand-crafted by Reema and worked in a variety of surfaces, using specialist techniques including engraving, reticulation, pressing, and high-polishing. All kuka-me castings are 100% recycled sterling silver or 18ct gold. All our pieces are made in solid silver or 18ct gold and are hand-finished.

At kuka-me, we are very fussy about pins and posts, butterflies or nuts, catches and clasps: all the functional little bits that make jewellery work, known as 'findings'. Reema has been sourcing them from the same companies for over twenty years as she believes they are beautiful and the best quality in the world. Our customers have often commented on their dependability and comfort.

A hallmark is officially administered by the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths Guild of Great Britain at the London Assay Office. It certifies the quality of the precious metal, which is tested in a laboratory, as well as when and where a piece was made and by whom. Our hallmarks are discreet - the details clearly visible under a microscope. Our pieces have four stamped marks: K-M for kuka-me, the year the piece was made, the 'fineness mark' (indicating Sterling Silver or 18ct Gold), and the Leopard's head emblem of the London Assay Office.