Reema Pachachi designs resort collection for Max Mara

We are taking a look back to 2019, when Kuka-me founder and design director Reema Pachachi coupled with Ian Griffiths of Max Mara to work on a jewellery collection for the fashion house. The pieces were launched on the runway at Berlin’s Neues Museum for Max Mara’s Resort 2020 collection.

Models walk at Berlin's Neue Museum for Max Mara's Resort 2020 collection featuring jewellery designed by Reema Pachachi, Kuka-me design director.
Photo: Lucioni / Oberrauch /

The collection is classic design from Reema; beaten metals, simple shapes that highlight the beautiful materials, stand-out pieces that remain wearable and timeless.

“At first, the strands of inspiration that combined here seemed as disparate and unraveled as the tufted lines of fringing that trimmed pockets, hems, and legs in many of the tailored pieces. They all stemmed both from the venue city and the venue itself: Berlin’s Neues Museum. Its collection of Bronze Age and prehistoric artifacts informed the apparently brutal draping on skirts; the semicircle fringe fil coupé on trench coats and capes in mammoth brown or bloody red; the roughly textured, Lurex-shot cotton jacquard in some of the tailored pieces; the aforementioned tufting; and the mottled and beaten finish of the substantial bracelets and necklaces designed by Reema Pachachi. These touches provided a primitive bass line beneath the sophisticated duet played out above.”

See the full show below:

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Models wearing Max Mara and jewellery designed by Reema Pachachi
©Max Mara

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