Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is here once more – a day to show your feelings for your most loved one with a special gift. Need some inspiration? Here’s Reema Pachachi’s Valentine’s Day edit.

Give the gift of flowers

Kuka-Me’s Bedrock collection is based on Andy Warhol’s ‘Flower’ print series. Romantic and beautiful, these tiny earrings are perfect for everyday wear.
The collection also includes rings, necklaces and larger earrings.

Charming charms

The Adinkra charm collection of necklaces, pendants and earrings is rich in symbolism, offering an uplifting experience for the wearer, wherever they are in life.

Roses are red…

Red is always a winning colour at Valentine’s Day – these simple tiny criss-cross earrings with red sea bamboo and tourmalated quartz drops add a touch of colour to an everyday outfit – but elegant enough for V-Day dinner!

It doesn’t have to be ‘the one’…

A ring doesn’t have to carry such weighted meaning, even on Valentine’s Day! This gorgeous ring from the Edges collection, based on torn paper, is a simple, elegant ring. But no diamond!

For someone REALLY special…

Kuka-Me’s Fine Jewellery collection is the perfect place to find fine gold jewellery. Kuka-Me’s staple collection’s earrings, rings and bracelets, plus a few extra special pieces.

Whether you’re celebrating with ‘the one’, spending the day with friends, or doing nothing at all, have a very lovely Valentine’s Day!

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