Big Changes

Hello Everyone

I have been out of communication for quite some time so I hope you will forgive my just dropping in again.

It has been a period of tremendous change for me. I have moved from London to Oxford – gone from a long-term relationship to a place of loving my life as a singleton, and now I am about to move into my own house where I will have my showroom, design studio and workshop.

Most exciting of all, I have also just completed a project with the great Italian fashion house of Max Mara.

It has been my dream of mine to work with them for the last four years.

I first approached the dauntingly gorgeous Nicola Maramotti, brand ambassador for Max Mara, at an event at their Bond Street store in London in 2015. She must have thought I was a mad thing because I was so shy to speak to her that I fluffed the conversation entirely.
I then gave up on the idea of designing a jewellery range for them for a little while, although it was always close to my heart. Then a couple of years later I saw an interview with Ian Griffiths, Max Mara’s brilliant long term Creative Director, and I thought: I know I could work with him he seems such a lovely person (Ian’s personal modestly makes him a true original in the world of fashion).

So I found a way to make contact with him. He received my emails with grace while I mapped out my thoughts on Max Mara jewellery. He then, very politely and kindly (as is his way) turned me down and said they were concentrating on Eyewear and Handbags at the moment.

Then four months later he contacted me and asked if I would like to do a project for them.

Why Max Mara? 

I love the way their clothes never shout, never say: “I am the designer – buy my clothes and you can have a little piece of me” on the contrary their beautiful clothes say: “be yourself, be strong, and independent; let us help you be your best in the world.”

This is what I have always hoped my jewellery says…

I was thrilled to watch this collection come into being. Ian had somehow managed to weave together an extraordinary collection of inspiring elements: Marlene Dietrich, David Bowie in his Berlin period and the Neues Museum itself, where the show took place, with its combination of crisp modernity and ancient artwork from the Stone Age through to the Middle Ages. It is a testimony to Ian’s genius that he was able to pull together such disparate themes to work in such a stunning way.

Designing jewellery for this collection was quite a challenge! I focused on bringing in two textural themes. Stone and Weave. Pieces in the Stone texture were more solid, with a concentration on form. The Weave pieces were all about a rough looking texture, with uneven and frayed edges. I was aiming for a counter balance to the delicate luxurious fabrics in the clothing.

It was a joy of a project….

But the work was very intense and it made it hard to devote much time to anything else, so I apologise for being so distracted.

Anyway I have come out of all this upheaval with two important messages:

Change is good

Be brave

I have learned these two things in a very personal way over the years – simple and not very original – but try it.

Every day you will be given the opportunity to make some choice. Choose change and bravery and you will expand your life.

See for more pictures from the fashion show!

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