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For the past few months I have been de-cluttering and generally trying to pare down the STUFF in my house (life?!). The challenge for me is that I am utterly unable to just chuck things away. I need to look at every piece of paper, try every pen, consider every magazine and business card. The bad news is that it means this process takes a long, long time. The good news is that I discover things I thought I had lost, or that I now, suddenly, find useful; on the other hand, I also feel unburdened, lighter, when I am able to throw away, or relocate (Oxfam), things in my life that no longer have a place. This seems to come at a time when I am keen to clarify my living space, my work and the quality of my time. It is as if when things are allowed to pile up they get stuck and your life solidifies around layers of memories and burdens. Shifting everything forces you to loosen all the fastenings of your life and everything is open to re-calibration; you can question your norms without judgement. You can give yourself permission to rearrange things along new lines. So this de-cluttering feels like a huge and exciting opportunity to remodel my life! Watch this (ever more clear) space!

Here is a great mind map by Paul Foreman, from IQ Matrix

De-clutter pic 2017-02-23

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1 Comment on Reema’s Notebook

  1. Most inspirational… I hope it might influence me to disentangle myself a little bit. I would love to see a post decluttering collateral image.

    margot | March 1, 2017 at 6:29 pm () ()