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Clip Earrings

At Kuka-me we have many customers who have pierced ears,  and STILL wear our clips; that is because we make incredibly comfortable clip earrings in Sterling silver or 18ct gold. One great advantage is that you can wear a bigger earring in clip than would often be possible in pierced. In this blog we celebrate the variety and fabulousness of … Continue reading

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Reema’s Notebook

For the past few months I have been de-cluttering and generally trying to pare down the STUFF in my house (life?!). The challenge for me is that I am utterly unable to just chuck things away. I need to look at every piece of paper, try every pen, consider every magazine and business card. The bad news is that it … Continue reading

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Wear it with Style

The wonderful Marie Wilkinson, of Cutler and Gross, wears her Woven earrings. Elegant and alluring, these earrings frame the face beautifully and have a slight 60s feel. We cannot recommend this style highly enough! View them here:

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